Sailing Tips When Going for a Family Vacation in the Caribbean

Family vacations are special occasions, which establish foundational memories in the child’s emotional and mental development. If you want to sail between islands in a sparkling blue ocean, you can organize a sailing vacation to the Caribbean. With the turquoise waters, stunning scenery, and idyllic beaches, the Caribbean is one of the ultimate luxury destinations.

Although the Caribbean is considered an exclusive arena for the famous and rich people, a growing number of tourists present it as the best holiday destination. With almost 700 islands marking their own paradise, sailing around the Caribbean is an excellent way to enjoy your vacation. Whether it is through a yacht or boat, some of the following sailing tips will ensure you have a memorable holiday with your family:

  1. Plan Wisely

A trip is an exciting experience. However, many individuals get excited during the process of planning, which is as well an integral part of the thrill. Some planning may help establish a fun-filled holiday, though it can be simple to go overboard, resulting in more stress.

Keep in mind that things will always be perfect if you’re on an island with the individuals you love. Try to avoid establishing a magical experience. Instead, just be present and enjoy every moment you have.

  1. Charter a Yacht

On your Caribbean sailing holiday, you may experience nautical dreams thrillingly and uniquely. A good Caribbean yacht charter will allow you to travel to seven island bases, each with a unique history, culture, and delicious dishes.

Basically, Caribbean yacht charters can either be the Lesser Antilles or the Greater Antilles. The Lesser Antilles may be divided into the Leeward and Windward Islands, while the Greater Antilles is typically home to countries such as Jamaica, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic.

  1. Get Sunglasses

Cheap sunglasses might damage your eyes. Therefore, always get a decent and quality pair of sunglasses. Polarizers are worth it on balance, but you may need to lift them when reading messages on your phone.

There are other brands you can also buy. Persols are great, but they are very expensive. However, in case you’re on a budget and still want to get something more decent, you may go for Dot Dash.

  1. Carry Prescription Medicines

Always bring your prescription medications in their marked original containers so as to prevent hassles at customs. Make sure you have enough medicines on hand for a few extra days should there be delays when you’re going back home.

While many chartered sailing ships may offer first aid kits, be sure to carry a pouch of antibacterial cream, seasickness remedies, band-aids, and aspirin pain relievers.

  1. Stay Away from Pirates

This is basically not the Caribbean of old with Blackbeard as well as other buccaneers going wild. There are still some pirates running their activities on the island. Many incidents happen near Grenada, Venezuela, and at times, Tobago and Trinidad.

Try as much as possible to avoid these spots, and ensure you have an effective radio with a Coast Guard frequency programmed in it. This way, you will be able to call for help in case of any invasion.

In Conclusion!

There are many spots to visit in the Caribbean, but you may only have time to see two or three islands during your holiday. Most individuals may prefer to fly in and stay put, while others might hire a cruise.

Experienced boaters also recommend that a perfect way to see many islands at your own pace is to charter a private charter and sail with your family.

Marcin Aleem

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