August 2023


The Economic Impact of Private Island Rentals in The Bahamas

The tourism industry plays a significant role in the economy of the Bahamas, contributing about 50% of the nation’s GDP and providing jobs for more than half of the population. Amid this industry, private island rentals have carved a lucrative niche, positively affecting the local economy through job creation, income generation, and boosting local businesses. Let’s delve into the economic impact of private island rentals in the Bahamas.

Job Creation

Private islands are often self-sustained mini-economies requiring a host of services – from maintenance, housekeeping, and culinary to activities like boating and diving. This creates numerous employment opportunities for locals. For example, Over Yonder Cay employs about 30 full-time staff members, all from the surrounding communities.

Income Generation

Private island rentals in the Bahamas command high rental rates, with the price for a week’s stay often running into tens of thousands of dollars. This income not only benefits the island owners but also indirectly supports the local economy. The government collects a hefty sum in the form of taxes, helping fund public services and infrastructure.

Supporting Local Businesses

Private islands often source goods and services from local suppliers, thereby supporting local businesses. This includes procuring locally grown food, fishing supplies, building materials, and crafts. Moreover, the demand for local tour operators, fishing guides, and water sports instructors adds an additional revenue stream to the local economy.

Community Development and Environmental Conservation

Some private island owners have taken their economic contribution a step further by investing in community development and environmental conservation. For instance, the owners of Kamalame Cay support the Andros Conservancy and Trust, a local organization dedicated to preserving the Andros Barrier Reef.

Post-Pandemic Recovery

The global pandemic has heavily impacted the tourism industry. However, private island rentals, with their inherent social distancing, have seen a surge in demand, providing a much-needed boost to the Bahamian economy.

In conclusion, private island rentals in the Bahamas have a significant positive impact on the local economy. They create jobs, generate income, support local businesses, and contribute to community development and environmental conservation. As the tourism industry recovers post-pandemic, private island rentals are expected to play a vital role in the Bahamas’ economic resurgence.

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