November 2021


How to plan a perfect gateway or vacation?


Vacations will always be a very important part of our lives whether you realize it or not. Taking your time off is the best way for you to refresh and reset your mind. It is the most suitable way to have fun, clear your mind and be able to return to your normal routine rejuvenated. Some people do not take time off even when they are allowed. It is very important to realize how amazing taking time off can be. To pan your gateway, here are some important tips for you

  • Choose a suitable region and a perfect time

The first important tip to utilize while planning your Magnolia Fields RV Park vacation is making sure that you are settling for the best region and a perfect time of the year. You can first decide on the time then locate a suitable location that can be visited at that particular time. What would you like to see? How are you planning to spend your vacation are some of the most important questions that you must always ask while choosing your destination and time.

  • Time enough time

Another important thing to do is to make sure that you have enough time away. Many people think that having too much time is enjoyable but that may only tire of being away from your home and other activities for a very long time. You should plan enough time to enjoy your vacation and destination but you should never over-stretch your stay.

  • Planning your activities

Before visiting Magnolia Fields RV Park, you need to plan for things that you would like to do. You should also make a schedule on the specific days that you would like to do them. You do not have to be perfect with your plan and list but just a rough list of what you would like to be doing and experience on your vacation.

  • Save a fun activity for the end

You must try to end the activity on a high note. Therefore, you should save a fun activity for that. You should never pack all the interesting activities at the beginning of your vacation because this will make you end on a low note.


Vacations are a very important part of life. They help us rejuvenate and enjoy which is what we truly need sometimes. Before going for any vacation, it is very important to plan it carefully.

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5 Safety Tips For Outdoor Activities & Watersports In Winter

We are often inclined to begin our outdoor activities during the summer. As the warm weather encourages us to venture outside, we endeavour to try new things, from watersports like wild swimming to adventures like hiking, all of which keeps us out in the open sunshine. As these activities become regular parts of our schedule, however, we then must face the challenge of continuing to enjoy them as the seasons change.

For many, the cold and wet weather means the end of their new activity. Others, however, are willing to preserve, perhaps even seeing the frigid environment as an extra challenge or new thrill. This is commendable behaviour and will more likely ensure long-term enjoyment of the outdoor activity or watersport. That is, promising that fundamental safety measures are taken.

While each activity and watersport will have its own specific considerations and equipment that must be utilised during the colder months, there are five basic tips that will ensure safety for each of those looking to sustain their endeavours during winter.

Reduce Time

During the summer, you might have gotten used to spending all day outdoors, taking long swims in the ocean or rock climbing for hours at a time. Your body will be unable to maintain its energy or health for the same duration during colder weather, however. As such, your exposure to the outdoors should be drastically reduced as your body will begin to struggle before you notice. Wild swimming in cold water, for example, is recommended to not exceed more than a few minutes in cold temperatures.

Understand Environment

During winter, the outdoor environment changes and your activity should change with it. If you are rock climbing, for example, precautions should be taken to ensure your surfaces are not prone to icing or mudslides, both of which pose a threat during and can occur quickly during swift climate transitions. In watersports, ice and winds, as well as tidal changes, can also be a problem, which is why it is important to check that your chosen spot for activity remains safe during colder months.

Check Equipment

The equipment necessary for your outdoor equipment may not hold up or be as appropriate during winter. Clothing and uniforms may no longer help us to keep warm while wet during the cold and gear, such as boards and boots, tend not to offer the assured grip and resilience under the more extreme weather conditions. Ensure that you have winter-ready equipment and clothing for your outdoor activity or else you might find it more difficult, even dangerous, to enjoy yourself.


Stretching in preparation for physical activity should be standard practise as it ensures our body is limber and ready for exercise. During the winter months, however, it becomes essential. This is because our bones and muscles are more prone to damage in cold environments. This, coupled with the greater likelihood of hard falls, means that we should give ourselves the best opportunity to resist physical injury.

Drink Water

Our bodies can become just as dehydrated during the winter, even without realising it. We can easily assume that it is solely the sun that makes us thirsty, neglecting the physical exercise at hand. So, even during colder months, be sure to drink plenty of water before you head out, during your activity, and when you return!

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What Cruise Lines Offer Lake Huron Cruises?

Lake Huron is a great place to cruise with family members and friends. You will get the opportunity to sail to interesting destinations, sightsee the beautiful cities, immerse yourself in their culture, cuisine and get a rich traveling experience. Lake Huron cruises offer an experience to the second biggest Great Lake and the third-largest freshwater lake in the entire world. Nature lovers enjoy sailing through Lake Huron because it is situated near forested areas like the Huron-Manistee National Forests. The forest has more than 10, 000 acres of hardwood trees, pine, and aspen. An interesting fact is there are trees that have been petrified underwater and are believed to be over 7000 years old. When you are deciding on the cruise to book, look at what the lines are offering, including family-friendly itineraries. Some of the cruise lines that offer cruises on Lake Huron include:

Pearl Seas
This cruise line offers itineraries for Great Lakes Cruise and Georgian Bay. The Great Lakes Cruise is an 8-day cruise that starts from Milwaukee and ends in Midland. On the other hand, the Georgian Bay itinerary is a 12-day trip from Toronto to Milwaukee.

Ponant Explorers
Ponant Explorers offers an itinerary for the Great Lakes of North America. The cruise is 8 days long and begins from Milwaukee to Toronto.

Victory Cruise Lines
Victory Cruise Lines offers many different itineraries and you will most likely find one that interests you. Some itineraries include the Great Lakes Grand Discovery itinerary, which is 13 days long and begins from Chicago to Montreal or reverses. The Splendor of the Great Lakes itinerary is an 11-day cruise from Chicago to Toronto.

Viking Expeditions
This cruise line offers itineraries for the Niagara and the Great Lakes cruises. The Niagara itinerary is an 8-day cruise from Toronto to Milwaukee. On the other hand, the Great Lakes cruise is eight days long and starts from Milwaukee to Thunder Bay.

Blount Small Ship Adventures
This cruise line offers the Great American Waterways itinerary which is a 16-day cruise from New York to Chicago and vice versa. Some tourist attraction sites to visit while cruising the Lake Huron area include;

Cheboygan State Park
Cheboygan State Park has very unique and breath-taking views of Lake Huron. You can also enjoy the captivating lighthouses that add to the splendor of the State Park.

Mackinac Island
People are not allowed to use vehicles in the area to preserve the original appearance of the place. The modes of transport that are allowed are bicycles, carriages, horses and walking. Interestingly, the Island has over 600 horses.

St. Ignace
St Ignace is popularly known as the third biggest city in America. It has the best spots to view the Mackinac Bridge.

Lake Huron has captivating views, and you will enjoy the experience if you choose to go for a cruise there. There are many reliable, trustworthy, and customer-centered cruise lines that offer cruises there. Such lines include Pearl Seas, Victory Cruise Lines, Viking Expeditions, Ponant Explorers and Blount Small Ship Adventures. To get an amazing experience, book your voyage with one of these cruise lines.

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What Is the Itinerary For a European River Cruise?

After the long period of uncertainty brought by the covid 19 pandemic, river cruising is set to resume for 2022 on a bigger and better scale. It’s indeed a welcome relief for most adventure-loving travelers and lovers of Authentic Voyagers. Also, most European River cruise lines are all set for the new comeback to year-long cruises and tours across Europe. With improved cruise itineraries, you’ll have the excellent opportunity to experience Europe’s hidden treasures right along its rivers. From natural landmarks, sprawling country sides, wineries, and exotic cities, many voyagers can wait to indulge in this epic adventure once again. One good thing to note about these cruises is that Europe’s most hidden treasures lie along the continent’s rivers. And there are some incredible cruise options to choose from. These options will include several exciting itineraries for European River cruises scheduled for 2022 and beyond.

European Cruises by Rivers

For 2022, Viking River Cruise, Scenic River Cruise, and Uniworld River Cruises will be sailing across the continent through the great locations, cities, rivers and all the best routes cruised before the past two years. Cruising through the great rivers of Europe, these routes take voyagers through paths of history into Europe’s significant territories filled with architecture, wine, and diverse cuisine. And whether you choose to go on Western or Eastern Europe River cruises, these rivers promise to take you through the cities and villages, old towns and ports of Europe.

Each cruise line offers unique ships with luxurious features, fun-filled activities, and enjoyable amenities. However, all three (Uniworld, Viking, and Scenic cruises) provide a five-star luxury hotel experience aboard each ship.  Whichever cruise line you choose to go vacationing with, you’ll receive an all-inclusive stay to complete the ultimate vacation experience.

Viking River Cruise

Vikings first entered the European cruise market at the turn of the century, and for 20 years, they have done what they do best: helping voyagers get a taste of the best that Europe has to offer. Viking cruises cover almost all of Europe’s rivers and offer itineraries covering Western and Eastern Europe.

Uniworld River Cruise

Uniworld has been around since 1976, cruising through the great rivers of Europe, taking voyagers on exotic adventures, and improving their offerings over the years. Uniworld has about 14 ships featuring a classical, Victorian-era design theme complete with five-star hotel amenities. What to expect aboard Uniworld River Cruise includes: gold-hued fixtures, marble, and elegant, light-filled spaces, world-class dining, cocktail lounges, educational and entertaining experiences aboard the ship.

Scenic River Cruises

Unlike other cruises, Scenic is the only European cruise line that takes voyagers to every part of the world. This luxury cruise line offers itineraries across world oceans, to New Zealand, Canada, North America, and of course Europe. Scenic has been around since the mid-1980s and has since expanded to create its fleet of ships: the Scenic Space-Ships. These 16 Space-Ships offer luxurious five-star experiences to voyagers touring Europe and beyond.


There’s so much to see, do, and enjoy while aboard cruise ships on European Rivers. Whether you choose to go with any of the above-mentioned cruise lines, there’s something for everyone.

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