December 2020


All the Ways That Life Is Better on The Water

There’s no way around it—some people are just meant for certain types of nature. Snow bunnies live for long days of boarding or skiing. Mountain types always crave a good hike or even rock climb. Water lovers enjoy relaxing on a boat or hitting the waves with a board. No matter the season, there will always be an activity that can be enjoyed outdoors. One of the best outdoor explorations are the many different activities to do on the water.

For the Boaters

Some people want to be close to water, but not actually in it. For these folks, there are a lot of different ways to enjoy your time on a boat:

  • Sailing: This is a wonderful summer activity that is carefree and casual. Feel the sun on your face and the wind in your hair.
  • Whale watching: This is an activity that can be year-round, dependent on the whale you want to see. Whale watching in Sydney, for example, is generally from May to November, whereas humpback whales in California are usually from January to April.
  • Kayaking: This is a great workout and is very rewarding work. You can get a one or two-person kayak for cruising on the water. Sunrise excursions always provide excellent views.

For the Surfer Types

Some people want nothing more than to cruise on the waves. It is an exhilarating activity that releases a lot of adrenaline and leaves people usually wanting more. These activities are far-reaching, and can all require different types of equipment, or sometimes, none at all:

  • Surfing: the standard traditional, this just requires a surfboard.
  • Windsurfing: as it sounds, this does require the wind, as well as a wind surfboard.
  • Bodyboarding: for those that like to be a little closer to the water, you just need a bodyboard.
  • Skimboarding: For those that want to stay closer to the shore, a skim board is a great choice.
  • Wakeboarding and water-skiing: These are great activities on a lake! You’ll need a boat to cart you around for the fun, as well as either a wakeboard or water-skis to cruise along the water. Give your arms and legs a workout!

Water sports and activities are endless, and just about anyone can find something on the water that speaks to them. As the oceans make up such a large majority of our planet, we should find the time to get familiar and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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Your Guide to Private, Luxury African Safari Tours

Ker & Downey offers a variety of luxury African safari and adventures.  Each one allows you to see the African wilderness in a way you never dreamed of.  Stay in luxury tented camps and lodges so that the trip is more than just a tour: it is a 24 hour experience.  Here is your guide to some of Ker & Downey’s favorite luxury safaris.

South Africa

Get the best of both the city and country with Ker & Downey’s African safari tour.  Over thirteen days, you will spend time in both the bustle of Cape Town and the natural beauty of the wilderness, staying in luxury resorts and private treehouses.  The Sabi Sand Private Reserve at Lion Sands River Lodge, Madikwe Game Reserve and Safari Lodge, and Marataba Safari Lodge in Marakele National Park are all stops on this amazing adventure.  You’re sure to see tons of wildlife, including some of the big five animals, perhaps even right from your suite.


Traveling with your family?  This ten-day Tanzania safari may be the one for you.  The tour is designed for both the young and old.  Children will enjoy everything from archery to baking to butterfly identification at Serengeti National Park.  Adults will love the privacy of the safari, where you will be the only guests in lodges and luxury homes.  Everyone will have a blast sighting the elephants, lions, and birds that call Tanzania home.

Okavango Delta

This beautiful safari is a favorite among Ker & Downey clients.  On this week-long adventure, guests will explore by mokoro or powerboat, bush walks, and 4×4 game drives.  See the Okavango’s clear waters where elephants love to play.  This luxury experience is great for families or small groups.  There are multiple lodges and camps around the delta, giving you yet another option of choice.  As one of the shorter tours, the Okavango Delta is a perfect destination to add on to a trip to another African country to make it a truly once in a lifetime experience.


Looking for a longer trip?  Ker & Downey has an 18-day luxury safari through Namibia that shows many different parts of the country.  See the sand dunes, desert wildlife, Kunene River, and even shipwrecks on the coast on this exclusive tour.  You will stay at some of the most luxurious and private hotels, lodges, and camps.  This includes the Ongava Game Reserve, one of the only places in southern Africa where you can see both black and white rhinos.  A safari in Namibia with Ker & Downey will be an experience you will never forget.

Custom Luxury Safaris

Not sure which of these amazing African safari to choose?  Let Ker & Downey help you plan a custom trip, specifically designed to fit your needs.  If you aren’t sure what you want, the company has many different types of experiences to choose from in order to narrow down your search, including

  • Family travel
  • Luxury safaris
  • Philanthropic
  • Active/ adventure
  • Romantic celebrations
  • River cruises
  • Multi-country itineraries
  • Luxury train travel
  • Conservation
  • History and culture
  • Culinary journeys
  • Classic journeys
  • Luxury honeymoon
  • Horseback riding holidays
  • Spirits and wine tours
  • Wellness journeys
  • Worldwide festivals
  • Family safaris
  • Luxury cruises
  • Epic escapes
  • Journeys on the green

With so many categories to choose from, there is sure to be an adventure for everyone with Ker & Downey.  They are committed to planning the perfect trip for every client, every time.  Visit their website and fill out a brief questionnaire in order to get started, or call (800) 423-4236 to learn more about Ker & Downey.

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