October 2022


Royal Holiday Vacation Club: Life Is Short, Go On A Vacation

A picture of a vacationer sitting in the airport waiting to leave on their vacation with Royal Holiday Vacation Club.

Everyone needs time off to relax and unwind. A weekend gateway will come in handy when work pressures seem too much. 

A beach vacation will do the trick when there is a need for sweet family time. A romantic beach vacation will help rekindle the fires of love. There is nothing as good as adventure vacations for the adventurous at heart. 

There is no shortage of places you can vacation. With an African safari, you will explore the untouched wilderness of Africa, complete with the best of wildlife. You will witness the Great Wildebeest Migration in Maasai Imara, Kenya, considered one of the world’s wonders. 

There are great beaches to explore all over the world. You will enjoy top sights visiting South America, including Machu Picchu, Iguazu Falls, The Sacred Valley, The Amazon River, and Sugarloaf Mountain. 

Considering a weekend getaway in Europe? Think about London, Paris, Budapest, Florence, Venice, Gothenburg, and Split.

When It Comes Time to Vacation, Just Pack Your Bags and Go

You will be in for an adventure of a lifetime. When you return from the vacation, you will be a better person. You will be fully refreshed and reenergized to handle your work. 

You will have spent quality time with family members. Most importantly, the vacation would have taught you more about your world. Royal Holiday Vacation Club is there to help you with any of your vacations needs to turn your dream vacation into reality. 

The rich experience of a vacation will spice up your life. Don’t overthink; just pack your bags and go on vacation. Go somewhere you have never been before.

Types of Vacations to Enrich Your Life With Royal Holiday Vacation Club

A picture of Machu Picchu, a place you can travel to with a Royal Holiday Vacation Club membership.

1. Adventure Vacations

An adventure vacation allows you to get to know a destination while testing your physical limits. 

Whether jumping out of a plane or swimming with sharks, you are guaranteed to break out of your comfort zone. Best places for adventure vacations include:

Machu Picchu

If your idea of an adventure is trekking through a stark landscape of lush jungle and craggy mountains, it is time you visit Machu Picchu. 

On the Salkantay Trail, a colorful mix of landforms awaits backpackers. You will enjoy hiking on the Incan Trail. The typical hiking trip takes five days, and with a Royal Holiday Vacation Club membership, you can get help planning your trip, so you make the most of your time in Machu Picchu. 


Belize’s Great Blue Hole is one of the most beautiful and mysterious places on earth. It is also a must-visit destination if you love diving adventures. If you are an experienced diver, you can venture all the way down. 

The Alps

Are you into skiing adventures? The Alps are where you should be. It is the home to world-class skiing. For a great adventure, visit the northern edge of Piedmont. 

It is a protected valley surrounded by three majestic peaks. The highest spot is about 10,500 feet.

South Australia

For a shark diving adventure, South Australia is highly recommended. Thrill seekers always visit the Neptune Islands in South Australia to dive with the great white shark. 

2. Weekend Getaways

A weekend getaway is not just a fun vacation; it benefits your mental and physical health. Getting away for a few days and having some time for yourself is very important.  

A vacation, even a short one, will help you disconnect from society, lowering stress levels. Royal Holiday Vacation Club has many options for weekend getaways; whether you go with your significant other, your family, friends, or by yourself, they can help you find the best accommodations. 

A weekend getaway is also cost-effective and more accessible to plan than a big vacation. Because of the significantly lower cost, it is easier to save up. The best places for weekend trips include:

Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre is one of the most colorful places you can visit in Italy. It is amazingly picturesque, making it a lovely and relaxing weekend place.

Paris, France

Paris packs a lot of fun for a weekend trip. It offers one of the best weekend getaways in Europe. There are lots of secret spots to explore, unique restaurants to visit, and places with amazing views. 

Other Cities

Other European cities for memorable getaways include Barcelona, Copenhagen, London, Florence, Budapest, Venice, and Edinburgh. 

Barcelona is famed all over the world. A weekend in Barcelona is worth it. Barcelona is an embodiment of classic art and model architecture. This city has many attractions that will spice up your weekend. 

3. Cruise Vacations

With a cruise vacation, you visit multiple destinations on one package. You can enjoy different onboard activities while on a cruise ship, including yoga, live music performances, dining at a fancy sit-down restaurant, wine tasting, and playing basketball. 

The Caribbean, Greece, Alaska, The Danube, Brazil, The US, and Australia are the best cruise destinations.

4. Beach Vacations

A beach vacation is a classic family vacation. Beach vacations are also perfect for romantic getaways, solo trips, and trips with friends. The top ten beach vacation destinations are:

  •  Seychelles
  • Turks & Caicos
  • The Maldives
  • Hawaii, USA
  • Queensland, Australia
  •  French Polynesia
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • The Philippines
  • Thailand
  • Panama 

Royal Holiday Vacation Club Will Get You There

Royal Holiday will help you get to your preferred vacation destination. They will assist with flight reservations and booking for airport transfers. Royal Holiday Vacation Club facilitates early booking to prevent last-minute inconveniences.

Royal Holiday Vacation Club will plan your trip to ensure you get there on time and with everything you need. Planning is essential for the success of your vacation. You should explore the Royal Holiday Vacation Club memberships to see their benefits. 

Royal Holiday offers vacations including:

  • Cruise vacations
  • Beach vacations
  • Adventure vacations
  • Family vacations
  • Staycations

You have every reason to take time off from work and vacation at least once a year. When you vacation, you will improve your health, relationships, motivation level, and job performance.

According to a Gallup study, people who always go on regular trips have greater well-being than less frequent travelers. 

Many who return from a vacation report improved focus and productivity. Taking time off and vacationing will tune up the brain and improve mental health. Spending time with loved ones on vacation helps strengthen family bonds.

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Europe’s must-see places

For our readers, we picked three must-see European sites.

Cap Ferrat in the South of France

Villas for rent in Cap Ferrat are in high demand for good reason. There are several places to visit along the Mediterranean Sea’s rocky coastlines, as well as the tiny passages of old villages, and all around – a gorgeous sea of oleanders, bougainvilleas, Mediterranean, tart-smelling flora, and coastal conifers…

When you visit the Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat property, you will feel like a true French aristocracy for the first time on the Riviera!

National Park Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

The reserve’s grounds include tunnels, turquoise ponds, and forests where you may witness wild animals and rare birds. The breathtaking scenery spans more than 30 hectares, but the lakes and waterfall cascades capture tourists the most. Because of the area’s natural characteristics, new rapids appear every year, and the panoramas vary on a regular basis.

The Plitvice Lakes National Park is included as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And if you’re planning a vacation to Croatia, don’t forget to include this small bit of heaven on your itinerary. Swimming in the reservoirs is also prohibited due to a number of incidents. You may, however, wander along the wooden walkways that run across the lakes and go boating.

France’s Loire Valley

The Loire Valley is an excellent place. Hundreds of medieval and Renaissance castles and palaces may be seen on its fields. You look to be transported several centuries back in time once you get here, among stone buildings, beautiful gardens, and vineyards.

There are a number of castles, some of which are rather far apart. If you only have a limited amount of time, focus on the most well-known, such as Chenonceau, Blois, Chambord, Amboise, Chaumont-sur-Loire, Saumur, or Cheverny. They are all accessible to the general public.

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