Why Luxury Trailers are better than a Hotel

In the past, recreational vehicle (RV) travel was reserved for a certain class of people. However, more people are discovering their benefits leading to a spike in demand. When it comes to a place to lay your head, campers and tourists have two options; either you go for a hotel or a luxury trailer. Either of the two options has their pros. However, for a larger family that might require two hotel rooms, a luxury trailer can be a lifesaver in terms of cost. Today, we will look at the many reasons why luxury trailers are better than a hotel.

Luxury trailer is a lifestyle of its own

For an avid traveler or people who travel and camp in groups, a luxury trailer will give you the opportunity of getting more immersed in the adventure. Rather than checking into your hotel room at dusk, you and your family or a small team of campers or travelers can gather around the campfire and compare notes on the places you have been and the ones ahead.

You wake up to the chirping of birds or the kids playing outside with the sun bathing their skin. In hotels, it will most likely be the maids knocking on your door for routine cleaning. There is also the feeling of stalking occasioned by the cameras all over the hotel. Traveling in a luxury trailer gives you more control over your life and sets the tone for the adventure.

6 reasons why luxury trailers are better than a hotel

Most people that choose luxury trailers over hotels do so based on cost. They’ll simply compare the cost of renting a room for a night and that of renting or buying a luxury travel trailer. However, there are many more reasons that you probably have never thought about that makes luxury trailers a superior choice than hotels. Check out the six reasons below.

1. Packing and unpacking

When you stay in a hotel, you need to keep your stuff in your suitcase. However, most luxury trailers like Endless Highways come with a dual closet where you can keep your clothes and shoes. This makes your life a little more organized and makes you feel at home. When you have your things laid out in different compartments, you know just where to look rather than sifting through your suitcase.

2. Stepping into the morning

For most people, the first thing they love to do every morning is to step out of the door and feel the warmth of the morning sun on their skin—it makes them feel alive. With a luxury trailer, this is possible. However, if you are staying in a hotel room, things are a little different. You will need to go through the hall and then the elevator before you can reach the exit.

3. Nothing compares to cooking your food

Breakfast in a four-star hotel can cost an upward of $20. That is a whole lot of money for a family of four. It gets trickier with launch and dinner. For a family of four on two weeks of exploration, it is estimated that meals alone with gulp $1,750 on an average of $125 per day. However, a family of four making their meals will only spend $400 on an average of $200 a week on groceries. Cooking your meals will allow your imagination to run wild. You can whip up dishes that you cannot find on the menu of most hotel restaurants. The process of experimenting on dishes also adds to the fun of the adventure.

4. Stock up on your favorite supplies

Let’s assume you are a tea addict and that you have your favorite blend. If you decide to lodge in a hotel, you will have to make do with whatever brand they have to offer. However, when you travel with luxury trailers, you can bring as much of your favorite blend as you want and enjoy them when and how you want.

5. Your tip stays with you

A ritual that you will need to perform when you stay in a hotel is to tip anyone that needs to be tipped. From the housekeeper to the receptionist, the list goes on and on. However, when you choose a luxury trailer, the only person you’ll have to tip is yourself.

6. The pillows and duvet are perfect

You don’t choose the type of pillow or how many duvets you want when you stay in a hotel. The story is different with the RVs. You can have whatever you want and its nobody’s problem.


When you are traveling with a luxury trailer, you don’t have to rent a car—and that is another money saver. Also, there are no shuffling feet on the floor above you. Choosing luxury trailers over hotels is a tick for optimal privacy. 

Marcin Aleem

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