What Cruise Lines Offer Lake Huron Cruises?

Lake Huron is a great place to cruise with family members and friends. You will get the opportunity to sail to interesting destinations, sightsee the beautiful cities, immerse yourself in their culture, cuisine and get a rich traveling experience. Lake Huron cruises offer an experience to the second biggest Great Lake and the third-largest freshwater lake in the entire world. Nature lovers enjoy sailing through Lake Huron because it is situated near forested areas like the Huron-Manistee National Forests. The forest has more than 10, 000 acres of hardwood trees, pine, and aspen. An interesting fact is there are trees that have been petrified underwater and are believed to be over 7000 years old. When you are deciding on the cruise to book, look at what the lines are offering, including family-friendly itineraries. Some of the cruise lines that offer cruises on Lake Huron include:

Pearl Seas
This cruise line offers itineraries for Great Lakes Cruise and Georgian Bay. The Great Lakes Cruise is an 8-day cruise that starts from Milwaukee and ends in Midland. On the other hand, the Georgian Bay itinerary is a 12-day trip from Toronto to Milwaukee.

Ponant Explorers
Ponant Explorers offers an itinerary for the Great Lakes of North America. The cruise is 8 days long and begins from Milwaukee to Toronto.

Victory Cruise Lines
Victory Cruise Lines offers many different itineraries and you will most likely find one that interests you. Some itineraries include the Great Lakes Grand Discovery itinerary, which is 13 days long and begins from Chicago to Montreal or reverses. The Splendor of the Great Lakes itinerary is an 11-day cruise from Chicago to Toronto.

Viking Expeditions
This cruise line offers itineraries for the Niagara and the Great Lakes cruises. The Niagara itinerary is an 8-day cruise from Toronto to Milwaukee. On the other hand, the Great Lakes cruise is eight days long and starts from Milwaukee to Thunder Bay.

Blount Small Ship Adventures
This cruise line offers the Great American Waterways itinerary which is a 16-day cruise from New York to Chicago and vice versa. Some tourist attraction sites to visit while cruising the Lake Huron area include;

Cheboygan State Park
Cheboygan State Park has very unique and breath-taking views of Lake Huron. You can also enjoy the captivating lighthouses that add to the splendor of the State Park.

Mackinac Island
People are not allowed to use vehicles in the area to preserve the original appearance of the place. The modes of transport that are allowed are bicycles, carriages, horses and walking. Interestingly, the Island has over 600 horses.

St. Ignace
St Ignace is popularly known as the third biggest city in America. It has the best spots to view the Mackinac Bridge.

Lake Huron has captivating views, and you will enjoy the experience if you choose to go for a cruise there. There are many reliable, trustworthy, and customer-centered cruise lines that offer cruises there. Such lines include Pearl Seas, Victory Cruise Lines, Viking Expeditions, Ponant Explorers and Blount Small Ship Adventures. To get an amazing experience, book your voyage with one of these cruise lines.

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