Six Places you can Visit when Road Tripping on the Alaska Highway

The Alaska Highway is a dream for any adventure seeker. It is more than just an overland link that connects the lower 48 to Alaska. The Alcan Highway travels through untamed wilderness, mesmerizing mountain scenery, and hot springs. Those who will travel through the highway often expect incredible wildlife to cross their path including mountain goats, bears, and bison.

Travelers can stop at any of the more than 25-mile markers to appreciate the effort of those who built it to defend North American from Japan in the 1940s. Whether you want to do day-tripping from Dawson Creek or take on a multi-day adventure, there are endless places you can check out along this route.

Stone Mountain Provincial Park

This park is located in the northern Rockies. It treats travelers to breath-taking landscapes, backcountry hiking, and wildlife viewing right off the highway. Trails here range from a 0.5 km walk to a 65 km trek and you can take part in activities such as horseback riding, biking, and hiking.

Stone Mountain houses the Summit Lake, which is the Highway’s highest point. This place is perfect for trying to catch fish or heading out for a scenic kayak or canoe.

Peace River Bridge

This is the longest span along the Highway, located near the town of Taylor in British Columbia. It stretches around 35 miles from the start of the Highway. In 1957, the bridge collapsed due to the region’s rough elements. But, it has stood steady since 1969.

Liard Hot Springs

When driving to Alaska, you should not miss these hot springs. When you get there, follow the protective boardwalk to two hot springs and enjoy the opportunity to unwind after a long road trip. The Alpha pool has water temperatures that can reach 125 degrees F. You can stay here overnight but make sure to arrive early due to quick bookings, especially during summer.

Muncho Lake Provincial Park

This scenic spot is only a few minutes from the Highway. It boasts glorious mountains, wildflowers, and wildlife. The lake itself is a stunning jade color and the park’s true head-turner. You can find a couple of campgrounds along the lake. These campgrounds are perfect places to explore the many walking trails, fish the cold, deep waters, or take a boat tour.  

Sign Post Forest, Watson Lake

Since 1942, travelers from all over the globe have been bringing signs from their hometowns they can add to the forest. As travellers continue this tradition, there are already more than 77, 000 signs on display in the lake. You can take part in this activity by adding to the collection.

Watson Lake is located at the popular 635-mile marker along the Alaska Highway. You can spend some time at the lake because there are many hotels and motels, as well as huge campgrounds and RV parks available.


The Yukon city of Whitehorse where you can recharge in style if you have been longing for some city comforts. Its wild history is reflected in its historic downtown and sites such as the Klondike Paddle Wheel River Steamboat. Only a few minutes away is the Miles Canyon where beautiful views of the Yukon River and surrounding volcanic rock can be enjoyed.

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