Six Fun Family Activities To Enjoy While The Sun Is Shining

Warm and sunny days are the ideal time to get outdoors with your little ones, seeing them better connected to nature and accustomed to the invigoration of physical activity. Even with only a vague destination in mind, there are a number of potential adventures that can be had, and for all age groups too. So, whether you’re looking to have fun with your toddlers or your teens, there are sure to be options nearby.

There are a number of benefits to being outdoors with your family. Aside from the potential exercise, being outdoors also supports better mental wellbeing and sleep cycles too, which can be especially useful for families trying to balance a remote working position.


Taking a bicycle trip with your family can be a remarkably fun bonding experience, one that allows each family member their own travel independence. Or, in the case of especially little ones, the experience of comfort! This eco-friendly form of transportation enables families to immerse themselves in the nature of both the destination and the journey, soaking up the sun. And, if you’re looking at traversing inclines or long distances, family-style electric bikes are also becoming more widely available too. 


A day at the beach can be the perfect opportunity to get your family swimming. Doing so is a great way to build your little one’s confidence in the water and begin their potential interest in watersports, such as surfing and diving. It can also be the perfect way to relax, with parents able to enjoy the sunshine while children have the freedom to explore.


Getting out into the bush or into your favourite natural space is an amazing way to teach your children about the wild. Foraging, bouldering, and exploring are all potential adventures but something as simple as a wild picnic can be just as fulfilling for everyone involved, especially if you find the perfect spot. If you’re going a distance, just remember to keep picnics cool and dry or end up in hungry company! 

White-Water Rafting 

If your family are only likely to be satisfied with a thrilling day out, then white-water rafting might be the experience you need. There are a number of locations across the country, established on some of the most exciting waterways in the country. To manage the water, however, you need to work as a team, with each family member contributing, making this an activity to promote harmony. 

Animal Park 

Australia is full of fantastic animal parks, from Perth’s Penguin Island to the Sydney Zoo. These establishments showcase a range of amazing creatures in immersive habitats, allowing families to get up-close with their brilliance. Many parks are also conservation hubs, working to support animal populations and educate attendees, which can help little ones to gain an early appreciation for conservation and animal wellbeing. 

Quad Biking 

If you’re open to the rough and tumble of an off-road escapade, then quad biking might be for you and your family. In addition to the fun of having your own vehicle, many quad biking tours will cross stunning landscapes and even venture into otherwise inaccessible parts of the environment, allowing you to get a unique glimpse of Australia.

Marcin Aleem

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