Enjoy the Beauty and Breaks while Surfing the Australian Beaches

The heart and way of life for Australians is rooted in its vast number of beaches. Residents and tourists like to visit these outdoor spaces to surf or sunbathe. Apart from the recreational activities, the beaches have one of the best waves you can surf around the world.

Include Australian Beaches in your Bucket List

Australian beaches should be on your bucket list. It is a highly ranked vacation spot from across the globe. Search online for companies offering surf holidays and compare their rates. Some of the best surfers in the World come from the Australia. It means that you can enjoy some of the best surf talent while you enjoy the coastline. There are many beaches to explore while on a vacation or surf trip to Australia. Let us look at some of the destinations to choose from;

Destinations to Surf while on a Vacation or Surf Trip in Australia

The Australian coastline can be divided into three; south, west, and east. The reefs on the northern parts make the areas unusable by surfers. You will find fewer people as you explore deep into the east or west. However, the most popular site for locals and visitors is the east coast. Surfers from all skill levels can have fun surfing in Noosa with the moderate waves on the beaches and points.

Here are a few destinations to plan for;

New South Wales

It is the epicentre of global surfing events and activities. The dynamic waves make it a go-to spot for beginners and veterans. It is worth to check out the seven surf breaks at Byron Bay. Those learning the art will find great waves at The Pass. They can interact with experienced surfers who are also popular with the spot.

Bondi Beach, on the heart of Sydney, the surf gets busy but is in a great location to Sydney city center. You will find several surf businesses offering lessons on surfing there. They can get you started with the sport at an affordable fee. Some other places in the region to consider are; Merewether Beach, Port Macquarie, Crescent Head, and Lennox Head.


In Queensland, one can access close to sixty kilometres of beaches that have white sand. The beauty at the Gold Coast makes it one of the most visited places in Australia by residents and tourists. Lifesavers are in constant patrol of the coast to offer safety for those visiting the area. However, it is uncommon for surfers to have accidents since the waves are consistent.

To find the best breaks to surf, consider visiting the Burleigh Heads. It is an ideal spot for experienced surfers, but learners should surf safely with extra caution. There are many enjoyable rides on the points at the Snapper rocks. The experience in Queensland is one that you will cherish. The Sunshine Coast where Noosa is situated offers reliability for beginners and experienced surfers. It is located in Brisbane to the North.


Planning for a vacation to Australia will create moments and memories with loved ones. Take time to know the locals and develop friendships. There is a lot in culture that both of you can learn from each other.

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