6 Best Places to Visit near Coimbatore for a Nature Retreat


A blissful range of Western Ghats offers some of the best destinations and Coimbatore is one of them! The city is a canvas of vibrant locations, awe-inspiring waterfalls and divine temples. Just a few kilometers away from Coimbatore are some of the magnificent locations of beauty, history and a lot more.

So, why not choose to get on the road and easily travel to the best tourist spots near Coimbatore? This guide is sure to help you plan your itineraries and Treebo Coimbatore hotels make it easy for a budget-friendly stay. Let’s head to this beautiful journey!

Amazing Places near Coimbatore are –

  1. Ketti Valley

Nestled in Coonoor, Ketti Valley is a famous attraction for tourists all around the world. A breathtaking view of lush green hills that go as far as the eye can see will greet you as you travel over the twisting roads up to the valley. You are sure to love the surreal beauty of nature which is just a few kilometers away from Coimbatore. The valley is best known for tea plants as you can literally feel them through its aroma.

You may embark on a thrilling trek through the rocky terrain of the valley. Be ready to witness the magic of nature with gushing waterfalls, secret caves and breathtaking views. You can also visit the charming towns and villages that dot the valley. It offers an amazing opportunity to connect with locals and know more about their traditional practices.

  1. Palakkad Fort

A little bit of history is always welcome during your trips to Coimbatore. The majestic Palakkad Fort is situated in the centre of Palakkad town in Kerala. With its formidable walls and spellbinding architecture, it is a tribute to the rich cultural legacy and illustrious past of the region. To enjoy a relaxing exploration, make sure to book hotels in Coimbatore for a budget-friendly stay.

Guess what? This old fort is home to an ancient temple which is believed to be 700 years old. The temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman, and you have to seek blessings from here. There are a number of structures that were originally used as military barracks and ammunition storage. So, are you ready to live this historical journey?

  1. Siruvani Waterfalls

Nature surprises you in many ways, and one of them is Siruvani Waterfalls. It is one of the best tourist places near Coimbatore to unwind and watch the awe-inspiring landscapes that turn the destination into a paradise. Due to the minerals and herbs from the nearby forests, the water is claimed to be among the purest waters in the world. Additionally, it has a distinctive flavour and fragrance too.

Strange, isn’t it? The best is to book Treebo Coimbatore hotels and experience it on your own. Adventure is on your way as you need to trek through a meandering road through the deep forest in order to reach the falls. The spectacular views of the surroundings along the journey are elevated with rare species of birds.

  1. Malampuzha Dam

Located in the Palakkad region of Kerala, the Malampuzha Dam is a massive masonry dam. The dam is a multipurpose facility that provides drinking water, agriculture and hydroelectric power generation. The dam has a reservoir capacity of 8000 million cubic feet and is 220 metres long. It is indeed an engineering marvel.

In addition, the Malampuzha Dam has a stunning garden that spans 30 acres and is well-known for its picturesque beauty. The garden is a well-liked tourist destination since it offers a number of attractions including a rock garden, a Japanese garden and a rose garden. Book hotels in Coimbatore for easy transit.

  1. Monkey Falls

Your trip remains incomplete without visiting the famous Monkey falls. The waterfall is a well-liked tourist spot and is located amidst verdant green woodlands. As the name suggests, you are sure to witness the jovial monkeys in the neighbourhood. The serene destination is all about soaking in the magical vibes of nature and watching the cascading waterfall.

The sound of pouring water and birds chirping adds to the healing atmosphere. You can enjoy the cooling sensation in the pool created by the cold water downside. You may also plan for day picnics and other outdoor activities in the vicinity of the waterfall. Ensure to book the best and budget-friendly hotels in Coimbatore for a happening time with friends and family.

  1. Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

As you move towards South India, you are sure to find places with exotic wildlife. Parambikulam Tiger Reserve is one the popular destinations to witness the national animal of India. Numerous animal species, including tigers, leopards, elephants, and lion-tailed macaques can be found here.

The reserve also has a variety of plants and animals including endangered species. With more than 200 kinds of birds present, the area is also a birdwatcher’s delight. You can watch the Indian pitta, Malabar pied hornbill and big Indian hornbill. Make sure to book Treebo Coimbatore hotels for a comfortable stay after a great time at the reserve.

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As you have discovered some of the best tourist places near Coimbatore, get ready to witness nature in its best form. Places near Coimbatore are sure to make your heart and soul happier!


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