3 Reasons to Choose Thailand for your Beach Resort Holiday

If you and your family are looking for a tropical holiday with a difference, you would find it hard to beat Thailand, a colourful and warm culture set in the tropics. The hospitality of the locals is renowned and the Southern Thai island of Phi Phi is the jewel of the region, which was the setting for that famous 007 movie and The Beach, which starred Leonardo Dicaprio. Here are a few reasons why so many people choose the South of Thailand for their beach holiday.

  1. Affordable – Thailand is not expensive when compared to Europe or the US, and with online booking, you can get great deals on hotels on Phi Phi Island in Thailand and the resort has everything you need for a luxurious stay. Thai food is not only delicious, it is very inexpensive, so you can really try some amazing foods, fruits and drinks.
  2. The Best Marine Life – The Andaman Sea is one of the few remaining regions that are still in pristine condition, and you can swim with Whale Sharks and dolphins if you take a day trip to one of the popular reefs. Make sure you bring your mask & flippers, as you will experience a marine world like no other, bumping into fish of all shapes, sizes and colours.
  3. Thai Food & Hospitality – The Thais are legendary for their service with a smile, and the only place to eat Thai is in Thailand, especially if you relish the spicy southern dishes. The fruits are out of this world and there are so many, we couldn’t list them all in this article, but ones to try are durian, jackfruit, mangosteen, mango and lychee.

Getting around is cheap and easy with taxis, or you could rent a small motorcycle, which allows you to explore a little, and there are plenty of amazing Buddhist temples to enjoy. Phuket is the port when you arrive on the mainland from Phi Phi, and this town offers superb nightlife along Patong Beach, as well as boasting some of the best seafood restaurants in the world. The locals are very friendly and service minded and you can barter in the local markets, when hunting for souvenirs.

The weather is always warm in Thailand, making it the perfect destination if you come from a cold country, and one thing is for sure, if you spend time in Thailand, you will be going back again one day!

Marcin Aleem

The author Marcin Aleem