June 2, 2023


What To Wear For Whale Watching In Maui: The Complete Guide

Is an individual thinking of going for the whale-watching tour? If yes, Book your unforgettable Maui whale watching experience now. And like any other adventure, travelers will need to do a little preparation to enjoy the experience fully. What to wear for whale watching is one of the most common questions many travelers consider. Knowing what to wear while whale watching can help individuals be comfortable in all weather and ocean conditions. This article has put together a few helpful tips on what to wear for whale watching in Maui.

Sun Protection

Sun protection is necessary whenever people visit Maui for whale watching, regardless of sunny or cloudy days. Even though the boat might have some shaded seats, shadows will move as the boat travels and the day goes on. Moreover, even if a person books an early morning whale watch, the sun often starts blazing by 8 am. Therefore, an individual must pack sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and long-sleeved shorts to protect himself from the scorching sun while whale watching in Maui.

  • Sunscreen

People must carry reef-safe sunscreen with them. It’s crucial to wear sunscreen on the water, but avoid the ones having toxic ingredients such as oxybenzone. Instead, one should look for sunscreens with non-toxic ingredients like titanium dioxide or non-nano zinc oxide. These are not only better for individuals and reefs but also help prevent sunburn.

  • Sunglasses

The glare from the ocean can blind people, preventing them from enjoying whale watching experience. So, one should consider carrying polarized sunglasses that block reflections on the ocean surface, allowing watchers to see the whales better.

  • Hats

Brimmed hats with chin straps are considered the right choice for whale-watching shows. Large hats protect a person from the sun, and chin straps prevent hats from blowing away in the breeze.

  • Long-Sleeved Shirt

If an individual is susceptible to getting burned, wearing a long-sleeved UV shirt is advisable for extra protection against the sun.

Staying Warm

Although Maui is popular for its warm weather, people still can feel cold when watching whales in the ocean. The wind coming off water can be cold, even in the sun. So, pack a light jacket or hoodie to stay warned during whale watch shows.

Staying Dry

Even if it’s raining, one can still book your unforgettable Maui whale watching experience now. Whales are not going to take off in the rain. Individuals can have an amazing whale watch by staying dry with a poncho or rain-slick. Even if it’s not raining, bringing along rain protection wear is recommended. On windy days, water can be kicked up, spraying the watchers, especially when there are no rafting vessels.


Book your unforgettable Maui whale watching experience now and prepare for this amazing day. Knowing what to wear for whale watching in Maui will help one enjoy unforgettable whale sightings. Moreover, an individual can consult the professional whale watch tour organizer about the attire to wear and what additional things to carry on the day of his booking.

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