July 25, 2022


The best places to rent a boat for the day

Anyone going on vacation this summer has a day aboard a boat on their wish list. Tourists are attempting to get on the water to experience the wind of driving a boat at speed before travelling to a hidden bay while Europe is experiencing a heatwave with temperatures climbing to well above 30°. Explore the coastline of the most private locations with a boat rental from us at the best sites.


The Mediterranean’s “jewel” is one of the hubs of yachting, boasting a beautiful infrastructure and a wide range of Monaco bat rental alternatives. Leave the renowned Port Hercules and travel to the bay of Eze to spend the day in complete seclusion, with only superyachts in the clear waters around you. With one of the most energetic atmospheres, having lunch in Anjuna is a must-do. Another option is to travel to St. Tropez, which is the most dynamic location in the South of France. It will undoubtedly be the ideal occasion to party in one of the several beach clubs on Pampelonne beach to get together with friends from a villa in St. Tropez.

Lake Como

There’s no need to introduce Lake Como. The iconic Rivas were born on the lake, which is only a short drive from Milan, earning them a worldwide fame. In order to escape the heat of the city during the hot summer months, the Milanese elite preferred the lakeshores. While some of the old villas are now open to visitors, other hotels on the bank of the mountain lake provide the finest in luxury. It is essential to rent a typical Italian boat while visiting the area.


One of the hottest destinations for the jet set is the Greek island of Mykonos! Luxury hotels and villas are now thriving on the island, far from its previous reputation as a low-cost Greek island, and some of the best parties are held in the different beach clubs. The most well-known of them all, Scorpios offer unparalleled luxury right on a pristine beach. On the Island, renting a boat enables access to even the most distant bays and creeks without feeling the heat of the journey.

This summer, take the effort to reserve your boat a day in advance because the majority of the boats in these popular hotspots will sell out immediately. To experience the most private locations in the utmost seclusion, set sail.

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