February 4, 2021


Staycations are here to stay

It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster year for the UK tourism sector, to say the least. A series of lockdowns, restrictions, and newly announced 10-day quarantine for those coming back to the UK has left confidence in holidaying abroad at an all-time low.

However, from this gloomy year comes a silver lining. The rise of the staycation! With international travel restrictions likely to remain for some time, holiday-goers are increasingly turning their attention to the UK.

Harrogate is an excellent example of what the UK has to offer. One of the prettiest towns in North England renowned for its architecture and tea rooms, it lies at the doorstep of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. Well worth a visit on your 2021 staycation, check out some of Harrogate’s premium serviced apartments!

5 benefits of the staycation

More Affordable

Understandably, the current pandemic has left holiday-goers concerned about the safety of travelling abroad, the financial stability of travel companies, and their own financial position. Reduced pay and job stability have left many unwilling to shell out for extravagant holidays abroad and instead opting for affordable UK breaks. Choosing to holiday in the UK rather than abroad means avoiding the cost of flights, baggage, and airport transfers. Instead, you can spend that money experiencing local attractions and activities while taking advantage of having a car or easily navigable public transport.


Increased awareness of the environmental impact of the aviation industry, which accounts for 860 million tons of CO² emissions, along with the ‘Greta effect’ have encouraged a new era of eco-conscious travel. Staycations mean travellers can swap flying for more eco-friendly means of transport, including bus, train, or car.

Boosting the economy

The boom in UK staycations could generate billions to the UK economy and come as a welcome respite for the tourism sector. An increased encouragement and promotion of domestic breaks follow similar ‘shop local’ initiatives, with the ultimate aim of breathing life back into the UK’s services and retail sectors. Put simply, staycations have the potential to help rebuild the post-covid UK economy whilst giving holiday-goers a cheaper option of travelling, in other words; a win-win!

Less stress

Experiencing new cultures and traditions is arguably the most exciting aspect of a holiday abroad, however, the convenience of a British holiday cannot be beaten. No delays at the airport or 8-hour flights with children. In fact, the kids will find it easy to make friends, ergo some peace and quiet for you. And if this wasn’t enough, you can easily bring your pets along for the trip too!

Something for everyone

The UK is famed for its fascinating history and diverse culture. From quaint villages to vibrant cities, rolling countryside to pristine beaches, national parks to theme parks; the UK truly has something for all the family to enjoy.

With the majority of UK workers saving their days off until restrictions are eased, we predict 2021 will be the staycation’s year to shine!

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