October 12, 2020


Los Angeles Travel Guide: What the City is like and Things to do

Believed to be the world’s entertainment capital, Los Angeles is coming out to a desirable destination for Millenials. The obsession with wellness and green movements is a delight for senior adults. With the beautiful beaches, Los Angeles offers the ideal getaway for a family or couples vacation. With the increase in the number of tourists visiting the city of angels, fly into LA from Manila to taste the bursting urban life.

An overview of Los Angeles

Suppose you want an all-inclusive vacation, L. A is the ideal choice. You will find that the sun shines all year round. It means that there is no wrong time when planning to visit the place. The city possesses a wide range of activities for recreation and leisure. There are lots of fun indoor, and outdoor activities to have fun with loved ones.

Los Angeles is a hub of other cities. The most famous ones are Santa Clara, West Hollywood, and Beverly Hills. It is vital to find fun activities in the area with a unique feel to the different neighborhoods. As a tourist, sampling spots around town will make the experience worthwhile. Ensure that you carry a camera since there is so much memory to capture.

Reasons to Visit the City

Food and Drinks

In Los Angeles, culture has a massive part in the food and beverage scene. The different races that reside in the city have delicious cuisine to try out. There are all kinds of the menu on offer in the city; vegan restaurants are typical in this country. Going out for a drink in local bars will introduce you to friendly people you can talk to.


Here people are busy and serious chasing their dreams. Being a host to Hollywood, you will find a city rich with talented individuals developing their art and craft. It is common for artists to showcase their skills on the streets. They use different channels such as art, video, and play to communicate to the city dwellers.


Architectural sites worldwide compound on the influx of talent in the city to make the place adventurous. From galleries to movie theaters, the areas have a different lifestyle to them. The streets fill with classy and stylish people with role models living around the city. There are ancient sites that one can visit to learn the city’s history.

Nature and Beauty

The city is rich in natural features for leisure and outdoor activities. Los Angeles is mountainous, and you will mostly find the locals engaging in hiking and other fun activities in nature. It is enjoyable to experience the natural beauty of the city. Trees and other green plants on the slopes give the scenery a beautiful view. Beaches in the city spread across an extended part of the city. With the clear skies and hot temperatures, you will surely enjoy time outdoors interacting with Mother Nature.

Things to do while in Los Angeles

Outdoor Activities

Do not miss out on a drive through the pacific coast in California. It offers an iconic view of the scenery as you complete the impressive journey through Malibu and El Matador beach. Paddling around Balboa Island is adventurous as you can make random stops on the smaller beaches in the place. Those who like fishing can go deep sea and toss a line to have a catch. Visit the Runyon canyon for hiking activities as well as yoga. The Pacific park has family activities with amusement parks with Ferris wheels.

Sports events

Take advantage of the city’s rich sporting culture to visit the basketball, baseball, and NFL team facilities. Weekends have live matches that you can watch in the arenas or restaurants with the locals. Soccer is also becoming popular in Los Angeles, and it offers diversity in weekend games. Celebrities grace sporting events to cheer for your team. It is easy to book tickets to a match through digital media platforms. Some of the city’s major teams are; The Los Angeles Rams in American Football, LA Galaxy in soccer, LA Lakers in basketball, among others.

Go to the Beach

The Los Angeles beach can give you the feeling that you might be living in the movie. When enjoying the sandy beaches, you can create your impressive memories with loved ones. Venice Beach offers a variety of activities for all kinds of people. Biking and swimming are popular as others explore the food in the restaurants. Some other popular sites are Santa Monica beach, Muscle Beach, among exquisite resorts for a getaway.

Art and Culture

There is so much to enjoy art and culture when visiting the city. With the filmmaking industry booming, there are lots of cinemas to watch new movies and the classics. You can book a tour of Hollywood to check out the major movie production studios in the world.

A showcase of local and international art galleries takes place in the county museum. The site is large in dimension, with thousands of art to check out. Still in the city, numerous concerts take place in a concert hall by Walt Disney. Annually, the site hosts hundreds of shows. You can search online to find any upcoming event in the city.


You will find many cool boutiques around the city for apparel shopping. Fashionable and stylish items are always on sale in malls and shopping outlets. Some popular places to check out are; Shareen village, Sielian’s, The Groove, and Rodeo Drive. The places sell all kinds of brands with world-renowned brands setting up shops in the areas. Los Angeles stylists can change your fashion sense and hook you up with a lovely look from a movie character that you like.


The best way to get around the city is by hiring a car or taking a cab. Ensure that you choose the best neighborhood that will suit your lifestyle and enhance the experience. Before traveling, read online reviews on the places that you plan to visit. It helps in preparation and having insights on what to expect during your stay.

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