September 26, 2020


Why You Should Road Trip in the Summer

Summer is generally known as a great time for vacations, but why should you take a road trip during the summer rather than during other seasons or using other methods of travel? We personally think that the summer is the best time to take a road trip — but we aren’t necessarily talking about your traditional road trip. Instead of packing the whole family in the car and stopping along the way at fast food joints and rest stops, you can use a luxury RV trailer to travel near and far in comfort and style. So here are five reasons why you should road trip in the summer using a luxury RV:

Great Weather

Everyone loves the summer because of the warm weather. Sun and heat are definitely welcome after a long and cold winter stuck in the house. It’s the best time to get outside and enjoy tons of activities that you aren’t able to do in other seasons because it would be too cold, it wouldn’t be safe, or it wouldn’t be as beautiful with everything brown and dead. Meanwhile, in the summer, everyone loves to get outside and explore all the greenery that has come back to life after winter. Road tripping can during the summer can be a great way to help bring yourself back to life after a long time stuck indoors.

No School

Another reason why you should road trip during the summer is that there’s no school! That way, you can take your kids on an epic road trip all across the country and see tons of different things without having to worry about them missing anything in school. Even though there are other breaks during the school year like Spring Break, Thanksgiving Break, and Winter Break, the lengths of these breaks don’t even come close to the month or two that kids have off for summer. So think of all the ground you can cover and the memories you can make in that time!

Pack Light

Road tripping in the summer is also ideal because it allows you to pack light. There’s nothing worse than trying to pack for a trip in the winter with all your coats, boots, sweaters, scarves, thermals, beanies, etc. These things can take up a lot of room and space! However, summer essentials like tank tops, shorts, sandals, and bathing suits are way smaller, lighter, and easier to pack on a road trip. That way, you can leave more room for fun things like beach bags, umbrellas, coolers, cornhole boards, etc. that can really help take your road trip to the next level.

Unlimited Options

Another reason why you should road trip during the summer is that it offers you unlimited options. You are no longer really limited by time or location due to school or weather. You can truly go anywhere and guarantee amazing scenery alongside amazing weather! Summer is the time to explore the Pacific Coast Highway, the Desert Rocks Trail, or even the classic Route 66!

Save Some Money

Finally, taking a road trip in the summer is a great way to take an epic trip without spending an arm and a leg. This is especially true if you have multiple people in your family that you would have to purchase airfare for. Even though gas in the summer might be a bit more expensive than what you’re used to, you can still save a ton of money by doing a summer road trip in an RV instead of paying for things like airfare, accommodations, additional ground transportation, and constantly eating out.

 Even though summer is ending, it’s not too late to take a last-minute summer road trip! So pack up the car or the RV and hit the road towards your favorite destination.

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